Throughout their go out aside, it spend a quick, sexual time in which it formulated their next man, Chris Halliwell

Shortly following birth out of Chris, Piper help Leo to their existence and turned a few once more. A couple months later, Leo fell from sophistication and you may turned mortal.

Perhaps not the following year, Leo is actually drawn of the a keen Angel from Destiny. His dying will give the new siblings a whole lot more power to battle anyone who they had to battle throughout the Biggest Battle. During the their absence, Piper started initially to flick simple household tasks along with her sons to experience which have toys, to ensure she you will definitely observe having Leo just after the guy came back.

Years later, in the 2050, Piper and you will Leo are nevertheless along with her and you can lifestyle a happy, suit life. He’s nine grandchildren that they take care of whenever its parents will work otherwise attacking worst.

A year later, the couple welcomed its 3rd man, and just girl toward industry, Melinda Halliwell

  • Billy Wilson: Piper Halliwell dated Billy Wilson inside eighth levels. Piper accused Phoebe of fabricating away with Billy from the Homecoming. However, Phoebe defended herself, stating she was just trying to assist your get a hold of a contact lens. [19]

The following year, the couple welcomed the third boy, and only child into the industry, Melinda Halliwell

  • Joe, Barry, and Tim: Piper old this type of about three people into the high-school. Hardly anything else is known on the subject or the lady relationships together. [20]

A year later, the couple asked its 3rd kid, and simply girl towards the business, Melinda Halliwell

  • Jeremy Injury: Piper very first met Jeremy during the a san francisco bay area hospital when g are accepted to own a heart attack. He had left their their matter into an excellent napkin, he got given to the woman whenever she is actually sobbing in new cafeteria. A couple weeks after, when G passed away, Phoebe left new manor for new York. 6 months later on, she productivity and you will reawakens new energies from this lady along with her sisters. Soon immediately after, Jeremy shown his correct mind, a great warlock just who desired to bargain this lady vitality and those away from their siblings. He had been in the course of time vanquished of the sisters while using the Energy away from Three Enchantment. The following year, he had been brought back your from the Abraxas, and you can assaulted Piper’s banker date Deprive, and therefore triggered this lady loan application getting P3 to-be denied. [21] Five years after on occurrence Cat Household, Phoebe advised Paige you to Piper and you can Jeremy was basically engaged to get hitched.

A year later, the happy couple welcomed its 3rd guy, and just daughter toward business, Melinda Halliwell

  • erican beginner who’d 23rd birthday celebration on the day the guy was slain and you will incinerated of the Tony Wong along with his gang. Mark’s ghost setting appealed for the siblings to store their spirit, by providing him an actual burial, throughout the spirit enthusiast Yama. Both of them mutual a passion for food and preparing and you may which is also one another got perform that had nothing at all to do with preparing given that men and women earned him or her more. [22] Mark gave Piper the outdated Chinese formulas from their dad in advance of shifting. Piper went to Mark’s funeral service and you can saw your going into the afterlife together with dad. [23]

The following year, the happy couple asked their third child, and just girl for the world, Melinda Halliwell

  • Jack Manford: Jack is a consistent buyers at the Disturbance bistro. Piper and you will Phoebe got shed a relationship spell, and that caused Jack becoming interested in Piper. Astonished, Piper tries to change your from her by these are the woman supposed tattoos and you can piercings, and therefore only prompts him after that. Piper knows the brand new like spell merely conjures crave, and therefore like is something unique between two people, something cannot be conjured. Following the like spell got out of hand, it absolutely was corrected and you may Jack didn’t come with remember of one’s enjoy. [24]

The following year, the couple asked its third boy, and only girl towards business, Melinda Halliwell

  • Josh: Just after Leo will leave (abreast of Phoebe’s advancement regarding the Leo’s energies), she meets an enthusiastic arts scholar scholar titled Josh and you may next it endeavor over a bottle of wine. Piper need it for a cake she are getting ready for Prue’s manager along with her a few website visitors, certainly who turned out to be Josh who, once succeeding inside the buying the bottles, produced it for the family as a present. Even after maybe not quitting Leo, a cautious Piper begins to date your. Once around three times, together with Piper’s love for Leo and you may Josh receiving employment render inside the Beverly Hills, Piper encourages him to take the work, therefore stop the relationship. [25]



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